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How the European Agenda 2024-2029 will influence the Belgian agenda

Dear Bepact Members,

We kindly invite you to our next the Bepact Event about "How the European Agenda 2024-2029 will influence the Belgian agenda" on Tuesday 12 March from 6.00PM with Mr. Karel Van Eetvelt (CEO and Managing Partner Hill & Knowton) and Mr. Thomas Tindemans (Partner, Hill& Knowlton) at WPP, Victoria Tower, Square Victoria Régina 1, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode.

As we all know, Belgium holds the Presidency of the European Council in the first half of 2024. And we witness every day how hard the Belgian diplomatic corps is working to close all kinds of legislative files before the Parliament goes into recession in April. As from then onwards, focus will be on the electoral campaigning for the European Parliament elections, which take place in 27 members states between June 6th and June 9th2024.
It is much less known that the Belgian Presidency will subsequently use the final months of its Presidency mandate to prepare the agenda for the next European Commission 2024 – 2029. What are the main topics that will drive that agenda? What evolutions and trends can be identified? And can we get a flavour of how that European agenda will set the pace, and will influence the agenda of the national member states?
The team of Hill & Knowlton has done the analysis of that European agenda, and will share their insights on the next Political Café which they will host in their brand new offices at Square Régina Victoria.

Thomas Tindemans is a Belgian national with over 30 years of experience in EU public affairs and communications. He has a proven track record of advising corporate, government and NGO clients on their public and corporate affairs strategies, including legislative procedures and political developments in the EU institutions and the Member States.

Karel Van Eetvelt is CEO of H+K Brussels. He has extensive experience in federation management, stakeholder engagement and strategic communications. He has led advocacy organisations for well over two decades, heading an association in the construction industry (Bouwunie) between 2000 and 2004, the Flemish association for the self-employed, UNIZO, from 2004 to 2017 and the Belgian federation of the financial sector, Febelfin from 2017 to 2020, before becoming CEO of RSCAnderlecht.

This event is kindly co-organized by Bepact, SEAP and Letzpact, and open to the members of these associations.

18:00 Welcome
18:30 Intervention of Mr. Karel Van Eetvelt and Mr. Thomas Tindermans
20:30 End

Parking : Interparking Brussels - Parking Rogier, Pl. Charles Rogier, 1000 Bruxelles (450m)


How the European Agenda 2024-2029 will influence the Belgian agenda