Bepact is a member of PACE (, the Public Affairs Community of Europe. PACE has been established as a common platform of all national organizations of European public affairs professionals and lobbyists. The founders of PACE committed to bring a solid contribution to a more transparent process of adopting public policies across Europe within frameworks which will consolidate the participative democracy within the member states.

PACE believes it is crucial to keep a high attention on this matter, especially with regard to a definition of lobbying that must be comprehensive and non-discriminatory. PACE also strongly stresses the positive role that transparent lobbying can provide on democracy participation. For example, PACE members urge Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission to pay particular attention to this sensitive issue and is ready to support national and EU institutions, by providing them its professionalism and expertise. Considering the relevance of these matters, at events are present several representatives of the national and European institutions.


  • Austria - OEPAV
  • Belgium - Bepact
  • Bulgaria – BAPAS
  • Cyprus* – LPAP
  • Czechia - APAA
  • Germany - De'ge'pol
  • Italy - il Chiostro
  • Romania - Registrul Roman de Lobby
  • Spain - APRI
  • Switzerland – SSPA


  • Greece – Georgios Limperis
  • Portugal – Sofia Cartò