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17/04/2023 - 22/05/2023

A Primer in Political Ideologies

Dear Bepact Members,

Political ideologies are sets of related beliefs about political theory and social policy. The main characteristic of political ideologies is that they have a unifying factor across all beliefs in this domain, and individuals identifying with a certain group have a vision of what an ideal society should be working towards.

This spring we are happy and proud to present a series of four interactive lectures, each covering a major political ideology: liberalism, socialism, Christian democracy and nationalism.

We have invited top level speakers to teach and discuss with the BEPACT-members:

Wouter BEKE, PhD, member of the federal parliament & former party president, federal and Flemish minister of cd&v. (25/04)
Prof. Dr. Bruno DE WEVER, full professor at the Department of History of Ghent University. (22/05)
Corentin DE SALLE, Head of the knowledge center “Jean GOL” of Mouvement Réformateur (MR) (17/04)
Prof. Dr. Edouard DELRUELLE, Professor of Philosophy, Liège University (04/05)

Sessions will be held at Dentons Global Advisors’ Brussels office, Rue du Luxembourg 22-24, between 12h00 and 14h00.

12:00 Welcome
12:05 Intervention of Speaker
14:00 End

Registration via info@bepact.be

17/04/2023 - 22/05/2023

A Primer in Political Ideologies


Rue du Luxembourg 22-24, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique