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BEPACT LIVE With Cathy Berx 6/10/20

Dear Bepact member,

We have the pleasure to invite you for a new BEPACT live with Cathy Berx,Governor of the province of Antwerp, in collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (Amcham Belgium).

As governor, Cathy Berx is the representative or ‘commissioner’ of the Federal and the Flemish Government in the province of Antwerp and liaises with the federal government, Flemish government, the province of Antwerp and the local authorities.

Whilst some critics believe the role of a governor is no longer needed and consider it as decorum, the important local responsibility of a governor has recently been reconfirmed to successfully manage the strategic and policy decisions to fight this unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic in Belgium.

We are honored that Cathy Berx wants to share her th

  • on the current and future responsibility of the province in light of the latest governmental reforms;

  • on the important role of a governor as honest broker and liaison between the different governmental institutions;

  • on important crisis management responsibility of a governor to fight COVID-19 in Antwerp.

This event (live) will take place on Tuesday 6th of October 2020 at 16h30 on zoom.

To register please check your email from Bepact or send an email to info@bepact.be to recieve the link for registration.
Please send all your questions before the 2nd of October to info@bepact.be.

This session will be moderated by Karla Basselier, Chief Officer Public, External Affairs and International Relations at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to join the meeting

Best regards,

The Bepact team


BEPACT LIVE With Cathy Berx 6/10/20